Repair Café Odense

December 2016 – RCO Facebook page is created and we post for the first time

March 2017 - First RCO event at Skibhus Friskole

February 2017 - Introducing the first RCO volunteers

Joyful talks speaks about RCO and our activity

April 2017 - RCO story covered in SDU’s newsletter

April 2017 - International Repair café writes about RCO – the first Repair café in Denmark.

April 2017 - presenting the team – from left to right: Keshav, Carlo, Shristi, Bolette and Birthe

April 2017 - the word continues to spread, RCO covered on TV2

August 2017 - RCO goes to JunkYard Days 2017

December 2017 - RCO Christmas event

April 2018 - RCO at Research day, SDU

May 2018 - RCO moves into its new home at the harbor – Det Bla Kvarter

June 2018 - We publish our first year report. Our first year in numbers

Augus 2018 - TV dot makes a broadcast about RCO

September 2018 - RCO buys second hand solar panels, which are now on the rooftop of the container

September 2018 - introducing RCO’s new logo

November 2018 - RCO at SDU's citizen science project

November 2018 - Introducing Conscious black Friday in collaboration with Greenpeace Odense and Det Bla Kvarter

August 2019 - Instafilm creates this awesome video for RCO

August 2019 - RCO story in the Odense Ugeavisen

October 2019 - The first talk of our series called Sustainability talks – this one is about bicycles and upcycling

May 2020 - RCO project called Urban garden caught life

July 2020 - RCO at Bornenes O, pawing the road to sustainability among our youngest citizens