Repair Café Odense

🛒 What you can do as a consumer
  • Adopt a sustainability mindset
  • Take part in the circular economy
    • Reduce consumption 🙂
    • Responsible production and consumption
  • Buy or sell used items
  • Buy quality, repairable products
  • Borrow instead of buying
  • Repair! Customize!  Up-Cycle!
    • We can teach you to repair in person or recommend YouTube videos / the iFixit website
  • Support Repair Cafe by donating – Mobile Pay: 68792
  • Volunteer – no experience needed
🏭 What you can do as a company
  • Design for the circular economy
  • Offer repair manuals
  • Offer (fairly-priced) repair parts
  • Refurbish and resell products
  • Make modular products (ex. the Fairphone)
  • Reversible manufacturing
    • Stop gluing things together!
  • Offer upgradable and customizable products
💼 What you can do as a politician (long-term improvements)
  • Keep repair costs down – it shouldn’t cost more!
  • Implement carbon taxes
    • Use the revenue to capture carbon
  • Capture the ‘true cost’ of production & consumption
    • ‘People, planet, profit’ accounting
    • Quantify the social, environmental impacts
🌱 What you can do as a politician – near-term improvements
  • Open up the Renovation Centers
    • For individuals, businesses
    • Done in Kolding Kommune
  • Tax deduction for repairs
    • Sweden – 50% lower VAT on repairs
    • Helps local businesses and the environment
  • ‘Right to Repair’ laws
    • USA, for motor vehicles – read more information here
    • Being fought by Apple for electronics, Tesla in DK