Repair Café Odense

Our core values and vision:


Repair Cafe Odense aims to create the most social and environmental benefit possible, using the minimum of economic inputs. 

We want to change the mindset of consumers, governments, and manufacturers to be more sustainable.  We do so by providing tools, knowledge, and a community of support for people to learn to perform repairs themselves. 

We aim to influence governments to incentivize repair when it makes sense, and to influence manufacturers to make their products last longer, be easily repairable, to make parts and repair manuals available, and to make recycling easy. 

Finally, we promote circular economy by reducing some of the costs and other barriers associated with repair and re-use. 

Our ultimate goal is to no longer be needed as an organization – that systemic changes have made it so that repair, helping your neighbor, and reducing environmental impact are highly prioritized in society.